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Fuck rules. Ew rules, imagine having rules. Rules? Really, rules? That’s how we know you failed in life, you self righteous rule addicted motherfucker. You can do whatever the fuck you want, this is a community for all of us to enjoy ourselves. It is not for some random loser mod to boost his/her/its ego by wielding power, kek? But if you came here congrats, either you lost your braincells or you don’t have any braincells in the first place. But we all can lose our braincells from time to time so don’t worry, hopefully you’ll regain them from me or the mods referring you to here and besides seeing how most communities don’t have clearly defined/thoroughly explained rules I decided to make an rules page as to prevent people from bullshitting/say they aren’t breaking any rules. Seeing how I can often turn shit into threads then I’ll keep it as short as possible. Shoot me if I go on a long ass thread

Basic Channel Rules:

  1. No Pornographics/Hentai

In general, that applies to both threads and comments. If you are posting ecchi, please do so in spoiler tags, otherwise it will result in a ban if enough of those comments are marked as spam. As a subset of this rule, no BnP recommendations, pictures, or jokes are allowed.

  1. No furries

this is the subset of the first rule. furries are the spawn of satan. anyone caught posting will be banned without warning

  1. No Linking other communities, Unless a Mod Gives Permission

There is zero tolerance for advertising. If a mod sees anyone on this channel promoting another community or tagging users from this community in another community, the user advertising will be banned

  1. No Languages Besides English

We are terribly sorry to whoever this rule inconveniences, however, we still try our absolute best to translate each and every non-English thread.

  1. Stay On Topic/No spamming/no shitposting

Everyone must remain on topic until thread hits 1K or at least 90% of 1K. Why? going off topic earlier can be problematic. Plus no one wants a good thread wasted, the threader deserves respect. For chatroom though spamming would be considered making more than 3 comments at once and people not replying to your comments

  1. No toxicity

We have a zero tolerance policy for toxicity. If a mod sees any user stirring toxicity, they have the right to immediately ban them. Any and all forms of cancer will result in an instant ban without prior warning.

  1. If you are going to post spoilers do it in a thread

This somewhat goes under the next section but I’m just gonna do it here. In the effort to increase the number of quality comments I decided to make this rule. Posting a spoiler can often devolve into spamming, and the general atmosphere can become toxic as you get one triggered LN/manga reader harassing apeshit an anime only watcher that doesn’t like the anime and everyone else getting triggered as a result [triggered in a bad way]. It really doesn’t have to devolve into this. So instead make a thread on a specific spoiler. That way you can actually put thought on why x spoiler is so good and highlight the most important points you want to make. Plus you’ll get to have a more engaging discussion that way.

Not Safe For Children

Now what do I mean by this? This is a mature community, its not some place for children to spam half ass comments and giggle and get aroused when those comments get upvoted.  I decided it is necessary to establish a mature community meaning that you must actually put thought into your comments.

  1. Expect mature content, don’t be unnecessary sensitive. But also dont use that as an excuse to be a cunt

As this is an mature community, expect edgy comments to come at times. Humor is Fine but general rule of thumb is to please stay civil so you won’t disrupt thread flow

Racial slurs are fine but repetitively spamming of long, racist comments is NOT okay, as this will result in an immediate ban. Not being sensitive doesn’t automatically mean not being civil. Any sort of discriminatory hate or toxicity wont be tolerated.

> repetitively spamming of long, racist comments is NOT okay. If you haven’t nothing thoughtful or meaningful to add to the discussion/convo don’t say it.

other than spamming long and racist comments for harassment there is one other use case where it is unacceptable which I will cover soon.

but just because we are an mature community, don’t feel pressure to be serious all the time, silliness is okay from time to time

  1. No complaining about activity

I can’t believe I have to do this. Although not all communities, the several that do tend to get annoying. Well what do I mean by this? complaining about activity often becomes cock ridding. The several that do tend to have loyalty to x mod/ x owner and often x mod/x owner is toxic in someway or have some major issue. This in turn makes the whole community cancerous. real communities are active because they users love their community as a whole so they all pitch in. Not because of one OP mod/owner. Users are responsible for starting the discussion themselves, mods are only there to help users engage in the discussion further. So instead of whining/complaining for the mods to arrive do this instead.

  1. Reply to old comments

This doesn’t really need an long ass explanation. There a good chunk of great discussions miss when one misses a thread or convo in chatroom. But what if you were super active and never missed a thread or convo in chatroom? well there might be something you missed that is worth discussing, replying to old comments often helps you further appreciate the topic in mind. Plus who doesn’t love an good upvote shower? So don’t be afraid to reply to old comments regardless of how old they are. Mind me you don’t have to reply to every old godforsaken comment but from time to time few to a several. Besides this would also give mods time to make threads.

and well if you run out of stuff to reply to/upvote you can always a.) read threads posted here or make a thread.

Instead of complaining about activity think what you can do instead to help with activity, prevent or at the least reduce the frequencies of when activity dies; try to think what you can do to help with activity in the longer run, often what works in the short terms only works for a while

Sounds sweet and merry huh? Well not always, as I would illustrate on the next point

  1. Fuck TOD and RP

This is a subset of 5. Truth or Dare threads or comments are downright cancerous and will be seen as a act of drama. Anyone who makes a Truth or Dare comments or roleplay thread will receive a warning on the first time and be directed to channels rules. The second time a user makes a Truth or Dare thread, it will result in an immediate ban. Why ban TOD? Before I lose my braincells trying to explain further TOD has a bad history in channels, channels that historically relied on TOD for activity often ended up dying or became downright cringe/cancerous. This can be especially an issue once activity declines as TOD can often become the main source of activity afterwards. And ironically it kills off activity.

10. No cringe

now cringe is a subjective manner. but we are just going with my definition. now I sound like a subjective ass but hear me out its really straightforward. Cringe would be defined as

a. the use of improper spelling/grammer
b. don’t take time to write your comments
c. being a kid horny for attention
d. all of the fucking above in which I feel sorry for you and ask you to get some fucking help

Few spelling and grammar mistakes is fine once in a there, we’e not expecting you to have an masters in English and well if English isn’t your first language or you’re dyslexic, that’s fine, just try your best.  Think about how you want others to perceive you, how others perceive you determines how people treat you. First impressions stick so take your time to write your comments. How you write reflects on who you are as an person. Besides proper spelling and grammar helps you convey your thoughts more clearly and in turn you are able to express yourself more. Though there are some grammer rules people can’t bother with

and there is an special subcategory within this section I want to talk about

disqus is not a place for horny kids desperate for attention

I don’t know why but fsr kids who don’t receive think the best place to seek attention is the internet.   And how do they seek attention? with spamming hi comments in hopes of receiving attention from those comments being upvoted.  Their comments being upvoted only further disillusions them into thinking they are getting attention. They feel the need to receive attention from others to validate their existence because that is the only way they know and bother how to address their their own insecurities. Receiving attention from others is the only way they can feel good. The only attention they’ll ever get are from pedos. If you’re an kid who bothered to read this and can comphrend this an you’re congrats you have braincells.

> repetitively spamming of long, racist comments is NOT okay

and now I am going to get to the 2nd case where it is not okay which shall cover the first part of my definition of cringe. If you are using racial slurs to sound cool please don’t. Just fucking be yourself [unless you got real serious issues and go here to vent them out, then you really shouldn’t be here as you are scaring away other users. as for when someone is considered subjective to majority opinion of that user]. Hence why RP is banned, its cringe seeing people try to be someone they are not/not being themselves. And finally the third and most important part of my definition of cringe: trying to take a relationship seriously when they aren’t even that close to you. This produces the worst kind of drama. Relationships online especially in Disqus tend to be 100% fake. ofc there is the exception of channels. But ofc you wouldn’t make your first thread personal as your don’t know the community well so you often start with more simple topics such why x anime is my favourite anime or why x waifu is your favourite waifu. As you feel more like you are part of the community you start to make threads on more complex and deeper topics, so you often become more comfortable with sharing your personal thoughts as an result

11. No beef

I swear this is a since the age of dawn issue. From a objective point of view there is no reason to hold beef. But why do people hold beef [in the case where it makes no sense to hold beef in first place]. Well it’s simple. People out of their insecurities feel the need to validated. Hence why a user would try to justify attacking the other party under the context that someone in the crowd might be able to solve the issue. This isn’t solving the issue, you are only making things worse by creating narratives and making a sympathy ride. So if there is any beef you have please try to resolve it in either dms or private chat. The only other people that get to have a say in your beef is the mods ofc. and if you have beef with another user why not block them? Handle your grudges maturely or gtfo, otherwise we’ll ship you uwu

12. No excessive trolling

only troll when someone is being gay [everyone in chat has to agree said user is gay] or when situation arises, this is to keep chat healthy/clean

13. Only make comments that are meaningful or at the very least are relevant to the discussion

I had this in back of my mind for a while but stunt not breaking any rules that written atm but still being an gay ass decided to finally write this down. It is pretty much straightforward but I am going to explain anyway when you make an comment that isn’t meaningful or relevant to the discussion, you kill the vibe/mood, not this may not necessarily be considered spam

Rules for Threads:

14. Minimum Thread Length and Edit Policy
There isn’t really specific minimal thread lenght, just write your heart and soul out in threads as long you put it all in, your threads will be great. But if you are just going go to make a thread for the sake of getting it to reach high amount of comments then don’t. Mods will apply better formatting to threads once in a while, but other than that, they won’t bother editing shit threads. “Shit threads” include threads that are less than one paragraph long and do not express the topic clearly enough so it s clear not much effort has been put in first place. We cannot edit “shit threads”, because there is not enough information for us to base our editing off of. However if you are an new user, we will help expand the topic of your thread by adding MAL synopsis for the first several threads but after that that we are not going to hold your hand. Better written threads also generate more comments as people genuinely enjoy your thread so they are bound to discuss it more.

15. Off-Topic Comment Policy
It is alright to post an off-topic comment, but you must return to being on-topic afterwards. Anyone who stays off-topic will receive an warning after they consecutively posted two off-topic comments. After three consecutive off-topic comments, they will receive an spam ticket. After four consecutive off-topic comments, they will receive a light ban until the next thread is sent. As an added bonus you get to be an total dick with making people stay on topic with your thread

16. Partcipiation in threads in mandatory

God I thought I didn’t have to add this but it seems like some chumps are making me do it. Becuase of the months I spent on making this site and how much of an pain it is to maintain this site, if you’re under the legal age but still want to join the appericate being part of threads. If I wanted to start a chatroom I could have used blogger instead of wordpress, don’t want my efforts to be watsed to make an glorfied chatroom, besides the person that made the thread deserves respct. Though I do understand not everyone is euthastic with long ass threads such as my threads so for time being, I’ll allow you to skim through them. I don’t want to be a dickhead by defining what consituties a long thread as after making enough threads what I saw as I long thread changed, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide yourself what consitutues a long thread, but as a golden rule of thumb if you find yourself taking more than 7 minutes to read the thread feel free to skip to thread questions

To sum up the only rules here is really no beef and maturity as most these rules go under that premise. But abuse your freedom and we will break you.

although there is one special rule I’ll like to call the cherry on top that deserves it’s own section : D : D  : D

17. if we don’t like you your ass is fucked

After thinking about this, it seems to me adding only making comments that are meaningful or relevant to the discussion isn’t not getting into beefs and making people side with you isn’t enough. Rule is pretty straightforward but let me explained 99% when people are not breaking the rules but bannable most likey the person is either really weird, retarded or/and everyone hates them, and when after complain mods are being gay nazis by banning them, they come back like an obsessed ex girlfriend. If you reached this point congrats you’re on w whole other of gay that makes you one very special lad So as to prevent you from being smartasses and claim you aren’t aren’t breaking any rules I decided to make this an rule. How hard we’ll gang rape you depends on how much we don’t like you but if you are too retarded to understand you’re being piled on, then ban it is.  Now there is one more

18. No dragging down IQ of the convo in hand

now I said rule 16 was last rule that needs an special section but with chumps never failing to disappoint me I decided to make this into an subsection. Now what constitutes dragging down the iq of the convo in hand? if someone makes an insightful comment and you reply with too long don’t read or being completely random [or plain retarded] it constitutes as dragging down the iq of convo in hand. Dragging down iq of the convo in hand is worst way you could kill atmosphere of chat. I know I said we don’t ban but dragging down IQ of the convo in hand is instant ban.

since I turned this into a thread I might as well add thread questions oop


1. What rule is most straightforward?
2. why shouldn’t you complain about activity? what can you do instead?
3. out of 10 how would you rate this?
4. What are some rules you see written here are something anyone that wants to start an community should have?
5. Imagine you’re trying to be an smart ass, do you see anyway you can circumvent the rules? if so how?
6. what something you would like to add to rules page to make this more coherent? what something you would like to add more style/finesse?
7. can you guess how long this rules page is uwu?
8. how was your day <3