The Basics Of Making a Thread

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This is for anyone who’s looking to make a new thread and doesn’t know how to, and not just make another quickjizz. Seeing as how thread making is diverse and dependent on the style of whoever is making it, I’ll be dividing it into certain sections (or lessons <.<) and you can follow that one. Lectures 1 to 3 are all about different types of threads you can make, while 4-6 are essentials for wanting to customize your thread into appearing “better”.

Anyways, the following course will be on the thread:

1) The Basics of a Simple, Yet Good Thread
2) How to make the proper recommendation thread
3) Topic Traversty
4) Humble Beginnings: Anime Disqussion and Questions
5.) Off-Topic Yet Fun
6.) The Unique Personal Touch
7.) Formatting is quite Underrated
8.) Length Matters
9) Graduation Day

1)The Basics of a Simple, Yet Good Thread

There are only two things you must keep in mind when writing a thread. Length and Pictures. While length is subjective and long doesn’t necessarily mean better, rather it’s concise that most prefer. But seeing as how you’re a new thread maker, it’s clearly beyond you (if not, good luck). Instead of trying to condense what you want to talk about, do the opposite. Express your feelings. Instead of waiting to only express it in the comments, express it all in thread. At the very least, two paragraphs would do you good.

As for Pictures, they “color” the thread. By using topic relevant pictures you can make a thread look more appealing to read. It’s often times boring to look at a screen of words only. Not only do pictures convey the meaning of topic well, but for skimmers they offer a glimpse into what the OP (Original Poster, in this case being you) is trying to imply.

What most new thread makers do is leave two lines and zero pictures. They are very blunt with what they want and yet don’t make an effort to show their desire to “disqus” (which is the main point of this site). Anyone can make a thread saying “Let’s talk about [insert anime]” however, your intention should be to elaborate as to what you want to talk about, and then offering your points as well. In a simpler sense: Disqussion. But all of this will be covered in later lessons.

I’d also like to point out how formatting matters a lot, not only allowing the readers to have an easier time reading but they also do what pictures do: color the thread. Try using bold, italic and underline. It won’t hurt you.


2) How to make the proper recommendation thread

There are various topics one can base their threads upon. The most common being Recommendation threads. Due to their repetitive nature, they tend to appear cancerous. I mean, how hard can it be to google? But setting that aside, they follow a simple pattern that’s very easy to follow. Simply put you have to describe what genre you’re looking for, or rather what sort of manga/anime you want to be recommended.

Now here’s the tricky part. Most just stop here, which is stupid. For starters, it’s still vague. You could say “hey rec me some mecha” but then say “I already watched that” to every comment. Instead, tell us about what anime you’ve already watched, and to elaborate on the topic and make it better than a simple recommendation, tell us why you like that genre to begin with, or why you want to be recommended these sorts of anime.

For example. If I like Parasyte the Maxim and want anime similar to it. Instead of going to google or MAL like a normal sane person I would share with the people why I enjoyed Parasyte a lot first, and THEN move on to asking anime that are similar to it. I’d also leave a note talking about how I’ve already watched Tokyo Ghoul so moot to bring it up again, since that’s the first thing people recommend to a Parasyte watcher. Easily, just talking about the anime itself can give me 2-5 paragraphs at the least with the size dependent on how much I want to talk about it.

Simply put: Don’t rush what you want. Rather tell why you want it and elaborate more rather than keeping it vague.


3) Topic Traversty

Now this is a problem I see a lot many people are following. It’s picking a topic. The biggest fear that people have is that a certain topic is already chosen so talking about it more is just repeating it. Who cares? It’s not really recycling in my opinion, IF you give your own personal touch to it. Instead of just saying “hey lets talk about Noragami” instead tell everyone why you enjoyed that show. Go into the points that YOU want to DISQUS. Sharing your enjoyment of the show is fine enough but ultimately it’s a channel made for disqussions, so call others out and give some points which you want to disqus. For example you can go about why people defend Yukine when he’s such a piece of shit? Thus creating controversy with the female viewers who would then brand together to hunt your ass. Joy.

Topic finding can be a bit tough but not really. You don’t have to focus on a specific anime alone, anythin

g will do. And yes by anything I mean anything outside from anime as well. Why not talk about video games for a change? But of course please elaborate on what you want to talk about, and lay down your points for all to see.

Of course while unique and interesting topics will always be prioritized and beloved, no one’s expecting them out of anyone. Just write whatever you want, the way you want to write it. But if you’re vague about it or simply don’t put effort then don’t expect others to give a shit either.


4) Humble Beginnings: Anime Disqussion and Questions

Of course, since this is an anime, manga, Light Novel and Web Novel channel, naturally most of the followers are anime watchers, manga and Light Novel and Web Novel readers. This isn’t to say that they don’t do anything outside of the medium, they do, but generally anime is the most accessible topic. So then pick an anime or a topic you want to talk about and talk, talk and talk. Type it all out. And in the end, leave questions.

Questions are supposed to be the tl;dr (too long;didn’t read) of a thread, as in they cover most of the topics but instead of talking about them, they ASK the users. Questions are important and thus should be relevant to the topic present or if you want to be trollsy they can honestly be anything.

Now you might be thinking “what about a thread that’s questions only?”. Well, feel free to show your lack of creativity if you must. Don’t expect others to follow suit. However, that is doesn’t mean we don’t allow contest threads, just write a little about what the contest thread is about. Contest threads are the only type of threads we allow with questions only


5) Off-Topic Yet Fun

Like I said, we allow off-topic. This is because even anime can get stale as a topic, and that’s why we allow disqussions from other mediums, thus creating a platform that’s accessible for any and all. That’s why if you feel that your forte exists outside of anime, thats fine! The key to making a good thread isn’t to restrict yourself but to expand. Don’t really stick around to a certain way it should be made (I know this thread implies a certain way but honestly I’d prefer one’s personal touch to a thread), instead, show others how YOU like to make threads.

For example: I lets say open my threads with a quote and end them with a “Jedi Master Jaz takes her cape flies away”. While small and meaningless, they remind others ‘ah it’s a Jaz onee-san thread’. When I write, it’s not in the way how professional writers write. Rather it’s more like I’m TALKING to someone (in this case, being the reader) and I write what my brain thinks as talking.

Uhum anyway, plenty of off-topic topics, you don’t even have to force yourself to a certain medium of entertainment, you could talk about other things.


6. The Unique Personal Touch

If you think you’re creative enough or someone who can write pretty fair, it’s time you put your own unique personal touch. It’s not as if our styles are unique to ourselves but rather the things we do in them are what makes them truly unique. So go out there and add neat little things that add to your own personal touch. Whatever they may be, I don’t know. Some people lack them, I won’t name who, but they follow a good thread making format regardless, so that’s fine! Personal touch isn’t exactly needed but it does well to distinguish you from others.

7) Formatting is quite Underrated

This. This is something that most people ignore because they tend to rush threads anyway. But formatting is VERY important. Not only do they make it appealing to read (for example, if you make no paragraphs and just write a very long essay, it becomes awful to read). Separate your points where needed. Learn when to start the next paragraph, don’t make them too long unless needed. Color your thread with the bold, italic and underline. Create headings like I did. Use blockquote for stuff other than quoting. There’s also a secret command that turns your font blue. You can check that out by clicking on “Formatting Help” while making a thread. Pretty easy stuff. But also easy to miss. Don’t ignore formatting, that alone can turn your thread from a shitmess to a good enough thread.


8) Length Matters

Yes, I know I said conciseness can be better and that users generally don’t read long threads. But two things.

A) I don’t mean long ass threads that rival mine.

B) The mods still read threads. We have some good mods who not only read but also add to the topic by asking questions related to it. This is something I’d encourage users to do as well, but ofc they won’t. Regardless though, it’s still imperative that you make threads at least a bit long. Again, I don’t mean my length threads but long as in 2-5 paragraphs. Plus, pictures alone can lengthen a thread while also making them more appealing to read.

Try experimenting with longer threads first and THEN move on to shortening them by cutting any part you deem irrelevant or unneeded.


9)Graduation Day

Well, this was a horrible Thread 101 thread lmao but it’s cool, congratulations if you read so far and want to make a better thread now. It’s fine even if you didn’t, but please make a good enough thread. No one enjoys bad threads. The mods don’t enjoy editing bad threads. Plus we don’t want to touch other people’s hard work anyways, so why would you?

In the end, take off that hat and let it fly.