Continuing a Finished Story

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Author’s note:

This was originally an unfinished thread left behind by one of our missing members. Aside from the thread questions, the following content’s credits are given to Naomi.

I’ll try my best not to spoil any anime that I will be talking about. Even the popular ones.

Going into this thread might have made you think that many anime don’t even finish the story. They almost all anime end in a cliffhanger. Those anime are mostly just advertisements for the manga. It is a sad truth. And most of the community outside of Japan can’t/don’t even buy manga which beats the point of the advertisement. I just wanna share my thoughts about unfinished anime.

Continuing an already finished story may seem to be unnecessary. It beats the point of having a conclusion. Before we even watch it we already feel like it has no reason to exist or is happy because one of our beloved series is going to continue. I will mainly focus on Naruto and Boruto, Code Geass, Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, and One Piece. As for Naruto and Boruto, Code Geass, Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, I will be talking about how they continued a finished series and did I think they did well or ney. And as for One Piece how do I think will the author go with the series after Luffy finds the One Piece.

My opinion might be how it is because of the influence of Final Fantasy. Because like in FF, every FF has a new MC.

  • Naruto & Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Naruto is a beloved series of many, it is an iconic childhood cartoon of most of us. Naruto achieving his dream and married the person he loves. But some fans in the Naruto community wished that Naruto ended after “Pain Arc” and some wished it ended with Madara or the “Fourth Shinobi World War”. Mostly because some thought that the “Otsutsuki Arc” was unnecessary. I as well think that Naruto should have ended after the fight with Madara and continued with the conclusion arc.

Even if the story of Naruto seemed like it ended and had achieved his greatest desires, the author continued the story. I do not know the main point of why the author made the Otsutsuki arc but I think it is also a perfect showcase of how Naruto and his friends/allies have grown, got strong, and became better throughout the series. Naruto and Sasuke were clapping cheeks throughout the whole fight except when the author thought that he should make Otsutsuki more menacing. It was a fight full of thrills and excitement. I think that is a good way to continue a story, to show how the characters have grown.

And now with Boruto. Many of you who have not seen or dropped Boruto might already be screaming “Boruto is the example of how not to continue a finished story.” but no. Boruto the movie showed what the Boruto series can become and actually at episode 157 and beyond Boruto the series is slowly shaping itself to become one of the most iconic anime. The show was trash but like Naruto, the show fucking sucked the content out of the manga and finally became a good series worth watching. The Nue arc which was the first few episodes was dope and the chunin exam was ok but I think after those episodes were meh and the fillers kept getting worse and worse. No cap but at episode 157 Boruto gets good. Like 0 to 100 real quick. Right now the series is focused on team 7 which are Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, and sometimes also Konohamaru.

With the series already unfolding itself slowly, it looks like Boruto won’t be going the same path as Naruto. I think that Boruto is continuing the Naruto series on the right path. The story is not a copy-paste of Naruto. Naruto’s beloved characters becoming somewhat of a second lead and focusing the series on his son is a great way to continue a series.

Most of the main cast of Naruto is even present in Boruto and there we can see the beloved cast and what they are up to. And how have the Leaf Village have changed.

Boruto borrowed some things from Naruto and changed them a bit. Karma is similar to the curse mark and the tailed beast seal. It has immense power given to the person with the seal/mark. But I much prefer Karma because… watch Boruto and you’ll know. Boruto giving the series a new set of powers to add to its roster is more content and is also good content, it is a great way to continue a series in my opinion.

  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass is one of my and many most beloved series. It claps ass cheeks no matter how many times you watch it. Till to this day, it still holds up with modern anime. Code Geass had 2 seasons, both are phenomenal. Lelouch’s master plan to get the world to stand as one together is such a great ending.

It continued the story with “Akito the Exiled” which is pretty good as well. Instead of Akito the MC having his own Geass he is under control of a Geass. I forgot who used the Geass on him. Akito has a very traumatizing childhood that affected him and is the reason he is a psychopath. New mechs due to the MC being from a different nation. I did not even think they would make a new mech design, they literally scrapped the OG mech design of Code Geass and made a spider-like mech. Akito has not as many plot twists as Code Geass but I think Akito did well on its own and what held it back is because of its movie series kind of setup and lack of recognizable faces from Code Geass.  But nonetheless, I think that Akito did well by continuing the series from a different MC and setups. I think that it is a fresh take and a well-done story. Even if it did not add up many things to the main story of Code Geass it still is worth watching. Continuing a story from a different MC is also in my opinion a great way to continue a story but I still think it is supposed to be a well-written story.

(Spoiler) I tried my best not to spoil but this movie will not make sense unless I spoil the ending of Code Geass. Lelouch of the Re;Surrection continued the main story of Code Geass, it is the fourth movie that revealed Lelouch is alive but he is somewhat mentally disabled. But Lelouch regains every memory after the first half of the movie and plans once again a perfect plan to banish evil from the world. But the antagonist has Geass that goes back in time every time she dies, it was 6 or 9 hours back in time. C.C. does not get affected by Geass so her memory does not reset and helps Lelouch deduct what Geass could the antagonist have while planning how they will infiltrate the base. In the end, Lelouch finally successfully infiltrated the base and made the antagonist go to sleep, so they would just wait for 6-9 hours before killing her so when she dies she is still asleep. That was another brilliant plan from the author/writer. I think it was unnecessary and thought I would hate it but the story was very satisfying and was very great. It even did a quite satisfying conclusion to Lelouch’s and the main cast’s stories. I wish that Lelouch and C.C. stayed with Nunnally though. The movie did seem like just a filler but it gave a conclusion to the story.

  • Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0

Steins;Gate is one of the best animes of all time. The time travel was explained. Full of conflicts, even the slightest fart can change the course of the future and change your gender. I know that episodes 1 to 11 are kind of slow, but 12 to 24 just clapped the biggest ass cheeks ever. It’s like inception but you can understand what the characters are actually trying to explain. The finale is a banger. Worth a watch and a rewatch.

Steins;Gate 0 continued the story but it is a different timeline. It is a timeline where Okabe did not do the second jump, got depressed, forgot his alter ego, and quit being a scientist. Steins;Gate 0 is a great show but I think that the original is still better. It is a great way to continue a story and the plot was very good. I think that the original did everything great that it could have possibly do and Steins;Gate 0 is just a detour. Steins;Gate main plot is about time travel that’s why I think that Steins;Gate 0 is a nice continuation of a finished story, to explore the unexplored events.

  • One Piece

One Piece to this day has a passionate fanbase that loves trash-talking One Piece. As we all know One Piece is the longest time running show of every anime ever. Do I think it will ever end? Yes. Because nothing can go on forever. Do I think they will find the One Piece? Maybe, It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a One Piece episode but somewhere in my guts it tells me that if Luffy ever finds the One Piece it will not be in form of a treasure but are the friends we made along the way.

Even if Luffy finds the One Piece I think the story would not end there. I think that the show will keep on running and will just be One Piece throughout its whole lifespan. There will still be epic fights, new places, new faces, new antagonists, etc. At this point, One Piece might even live longer than the author.

I hope you all have a good read.

Now, in contributions to the original writer of this thread. We would like to have some feedback from its readers – yours truly.

  1. Is there an anime which has already been finished, but you expected something more out of it, or you wish for it to have another season?
  2. For Question 1, if you expected something more, can you elaborate more about it? And if you wished for that anime to have another season, what reason would it be?
  3. how would you want to countinue the series?
  4. how can a sequel series like boruto expand the lore of the original series?
  5. what’s an series that should have ended? why they should have ended?
  6. what series has the most potential to expand it’s lore beyond main cast main objective/goal achieved/beyond the mc?