Plot B*tches VS Trash B*tches (I know the words might be crude, but even you called them so)

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Everyone knows the following sayings anywhere:

When there is light, there is darkness.
When there is a mirror, there is a reflection.
When there is a hero, there is a villain.
When there is a waifu, there is a b*tch.

(Well, of course we know which side Sayu is supposed to be. But in her anime, there is also an existent b*tch)

This time, we’re taking the talk to every possible b*tch (if we can cover it all) that ever came to existence in anime. But I’m not just going to simply talk about them, I’m going to teach and tell you WHY they need and should be categorized into PLOT B*TCHES or TRASH B*TCHES.

First things first – what defines a b*tch?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a b*tch is:

  • a female dog
  • an unkind or unpleasant woman
  • something that causes difficulties or problems, or that is unpleasant
  • the act of complaining or talking unkindly about people
  • someone who will do everything you tell them to do because you have complete control over them

The explanations above just from the “b*tch” word alone makes you just want to light up a torch and scream of witchstaking, right? But hold your anger, remember the first four sayings given at the beginning of this thread. Its because there was a villain, a hero can be made, just as a waifu is made because b*tches exist. A sword becomes sharp because it was forged and tempered by hammer and flame. The goal is meaningless if there are no challenges nor obstacles along the way, no?

But not every b*tch who came across is worthy of our hate, recogntion or even a single mention. Just as there are well-made bitches born to be hated but did their purposes wonderfully, there are also those some who are just pure failure just by their existence in the story alone, easily replacable by a broken vase and nobody would even bat an eye.

(I can only blame and question their respective authors as to why they have to make such characters that will destroy their own story)

(This is how I reacted when they are there for almost no reason yet somehow recognized by other characters)

Now, on to what you are here for.

The comparison and understanding between a PLOT B*TCH and a TRASH B*TCH.


As what we explained in general earlier, a PLOT B*TCH is still a b*tch, a character that was born to be hated by its readers and viewers – not just by looks (I hope you guys are not too shallow to judge a book by its cover), but mostly by their actions to obstruct the main character(s) of their goals, and also their undesirable behavior that lead people to disgust.

However, for PLOT B*TCHES, as much we hate them, we have to admit that they were there for a strong, existent reason no matter how we hate them – CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. That’s right, setting aside their unlikable acts, behavior and motives, we must lest not forget that it was because of them being who they are that promoted the development of other characters, hence contributing to the progression of the plot and story of their respective animes. Here are some examples of PLOT B*TCHES:

  • Malty S Melromarc / Myne Sophia from Shield Hero

I believe the blood of every Shield Hero fan boils upon the mention of this wicked woman. As much as we all hate her evil nature, heinous acts, schemes and definitely her B*TCHYNESS, we must all cool our heads and think about the vital question since the get go of this anime:

“What will happen if Malty was never in the picture? Will Naofumi ever RISE if there is nobody like Malty who can make him FALL so hard? How will the plot and story be if she wasn’t there?”

As we ask ourselves the above questions about Malty, you will soon realize that as much as everyone hates Malty, we have to admit that she was a SUCCESSFULLY BUILT CHARACTER, created with a strong purpose and sense of duty as a antagonistic character, and fulfilled her role perfectly.

(I know some of you took the capitalized words “rise” and “fall” in a different direction. Shame upon you for trying to lewd such a high quality b*tch. SenBONKzakura Kageyoshi to you horny bastards)

  • Misa Amane from Death Note

Some of Death Note fans actually wanted to off this character for “the sake of all that is good”. But little did they give any thought of her as a character from a general story perspective.

In the battle between two highly intellectual characters, where both sides keep testing each other out while not taking risks and not making the first move… Its bound to become boring sooner or later without a wild card factor in it – Just like Kaguya-sama: Love is War without Chika in it.

In Death Note’s case, Misa is the wild card factor. As she did not just cause trouble to Light’s disguise and facade against L, but also unexpectedly open windows of opportunity for Light to strike as well.


As we discussed earlier, b*tches are hateful people / characters we despise mainly because of their dislikable, tasteless acts and behavior.

But here’s the thing about TRASH B*TCHES… Such acts from them not only came out of nowhere, but they were also done without reason, causing them to be called as the TRASH B*TCHES they are. Not only do they deserve to be hated way more than they should as a character for HAVING NO CONTRIBUTIONS to their respective stories, but also for becoming the very bane and black hole of the story itself, sending its supposed potential into ruins, causing readers and viewers to feel utter dismay and downright writhe with agony and pain. Here are some examples of TRASH B*TCHES:

  • Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic

I know some Full Metal Panic fans might judge me for dissing and trash-talking this character, but I firmly believe that the majority of us still stood tall with the ultimate truth (with proven facts and solid arguments) that any other girl in Full Metal Panic (even antagonistic girls) is a far better partner and romance interest for the main character than this b*tch despite her being the female lead of the series.

The reason for her being staked for death was simple with proof as plain as day. Her only sole purpose in the story is to become the main character’s love interest. The main character (Sousuke) himself may have been far more insensitive than most guys as he was not normally raised and lack of common sense, but this b*tch… After everything he has done to save her pretty *ss from danger as well as trying his best to be normal in front of her very own eyes (she even wtinessed his course of action herself), she still had the goddamn gall to act all high and mighty… Give me a goddamn break and kiss my fat *ss for all I care.

This b*tch only have ONE JOB – becoming a waifu deserving and worthy of Sousuke’s hardship and painstaking efforts, and she can’t even do that. If I were the co-author, I’d swap her off with a broken vase with her name on it, and all Sousuke have to do is not break it. A simpler and straightforward replacement, unlike an unworthy b*tch such as her.

  • Claire Elstein / Claire Rouge from Blade Dance of the Elementalers

For those who haven’t watch this anime nor know who this character is, let’s just say that the anime and character itself strikes a certain resemblance to Stella from Chivalry of Failed Knight and Julis from from The Asterisk War. Yes, tsundere female leads are a popular trait and trend back in those days.

But for this b*tch, however… using Stella and Julis to compare to her at any aspect is an insult to THEIR names instead. As the story progress with the main character / male lead (Kamito) slowly revealing his strength and worthy to be the top of the class… this impudent b*tch still had the gall to treat others (the main character included) as if they are below her or her… pet? Really? The guy is literally stronger than you and you DARE to talk down to him? If I were him, I’d shoved her back to know her goddamn place, BUT NO… the author not only screwed by writing up such a b*tch, he / she also screwed the main character by making him into some subserviant little pussy that doesn’t mind being her pet…

At this point, you’d probably say “wait, what?” right? I reacted the same way after Kamito said that he chose this b*tch as a partner despite all the disrespectful actions and remarks she had done on him… An OP character being willfully subserviant to someone who is not only unworthy, but also treats him like trash? F*ck this logic. This anime ended up being one of those animes I gave up upon my brain cells watching because of a main character like him, and a TRASH B*TCH like her.

Now that I’m done explaining about PLOT B*TCHES as well as ranting enough about TRASH B*TCHES. Here are some surveying questions for you readers and viewers to share some insight, as one says “never be ignorant about the heresays”:

  1. Have you ever hated an anime character so much your blood boils upon his/her mention?
  2. For Question 2, if so, kindly share with us who he/she is.
  3. For question 3 tell if she/he is an plot bitch or trash bitch
  4. if the character you hate is an plot bitch that serves as an atagonist what makes them well written? how do they serve the plot?
  5. if the character you hate is an plot bitch that serves as an supporting what makes them well written? when they undergo character development what makes them as an character better? how do they better serve the plot
  6. if the anime character you hate is an trash bitch if you could how would you improve thier character? how could would you incorporate them into the plot more?
  7. What anime has the most poorly written female characters? 
  8. I hope you learned something from this thread. Was it helpful? If not, kindly share and tell with me as to what I lack. (I’ll try to improve on writing, its been years since I wrote a discussion thread)