Slice of Life/Romance Anime

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There is an array of different anime from shonen, slice of life, harem to mecha, yaoi and the other genres as you would know from having watched hundreds of anime.

However, the anime genre that seems to give me a similar plot but different characters is actually slice of life anime, the anime that sets in high school or around it and contains some form of romance.

For reference some of the anime include:
– My Little Monster
– Horimiya
– Fruits Basket
– Ao Haru Ride
– Ouran High School Host Club

I know that not all of these anime is just “romance” genre only however they do have the same qualities I mentioned above of romance being involved, being in/around a high school or just school setting, and them all having awkward funny scenes in them as well as those backstory scenes that put the anime together.

What I’m trying to say is, even if I say I like fantasy, comedy or mystery anime, this kind of slice of life/high school anime is still something I would watch regardless of same character tropes etc.

An example of a similarity in each of the above anime:

At least one character is obsessed/likes another character.

  • Haru is obsessed with Shizuku {MLM}
  • Miyamura likes Hori and Visa versa {HM}
  • The members like Haruhi (not all romantically) {OHSHC}
  • Futaba likes Kou and vise versa {AHR}

(You can see the similarity)

Do give me your thoughts on the anime above and any similar anime you watched which you liked or disliked about.


1. What’s your favourite/one of your favourite slice of life anime or anime movies?

2. What genre of anime do you prefer to watch if slice of life is not your thing?

3. Any anime recommendations that are like the anime I included above?

4. What do you like about slice of life anime? Or what do you not like about it?

5. (Optional) What’s the lamest slice of life/romance anime you watched/came across?

Anyway, peace out for now.